The Dream

Haven’t checked in here since before the 2016 presidential election. Made several attempts, each felt futile for one reason or another. Tried coming at our new administration from every direction but just couldn’t recon with reality. Besides, writing about politics has become too popular and too convoluted; feels fruitless to contribute. BS is now de rigueur. Not a good look. It’s all too ugly and caustic.

Speaking of unpleasant topics, my last post was about a list, it was called the, By What Do We Judge a Man’s Character?, list. It’s relevant to getting me back here. But I’ll get to that, have a story to relay first. A little exposition…

I’m not a dreamer. Most people who know me would say that’s an outlandishly false statement. It doesn’t get more pie-in-the-sky, fantasist than moi. Own some larger than life dreams, but that’s not what the paragraph opener refers to, I rarely reside in REMS. When I do get that deep, which is infrequent, (both sleep and dreams,) seldom remember what I dreamt. Might have a vague idea when I wake, but usually it’s gone in a matter of minutes; never to be revived. (That comes in real handy when nightmares are on the playlist.) 

The rare ones have longevity though. There’ve been only three dreams in my life I’ve remembered in their entirety. And they’ve all been pleasant, until now. Adding a new one to the list. Won’t categorize it as a nightmare, it had a different feel, more of a foreboding. It happened about a month and a half ago, was compelled to write it down here but ended up sitting on it, (as happens so often with this People & Politics column.) But now is the right time; it’s clear, the dream was a warning. 

It started with me and several members of my family walking the streets of the Capitol. Felt like a sightseeing trip but our reason for being there wasn’t defined before the madness started. A giant alien ship came into view as it was arcing straight for the ground, a beautifully constructed, eight-sided, disc-shaped craft with windows bordering each wall. The transport was too close and seemingly out of control, it was headed for a crash, an explosion was inescapable. It arced slowly enough that someone near us yelled, “Call 911,” before it hit the ground. The thought crossed my mind that 911 wouldn’t have mattered, the impact would be the end of us all. But it bounced once and skidded to an immediate stop.

Directly following that rather peculiar landing, a bomb dropped straight down, parallel to the ground. It descended with more speed than the ship. Again my initial thought was it would be our instantaneous demise. It was a classic looking, long body, gray metal tube with a big round nose. The thing was huge, the size of several large buildings. Instead of exploding, it landed with only a mild thud. Soon after impact several cracks along the fuselage opened and it sort of drooped down like a dud. There was a collective feeling of having avoided a catastrophe. You could sense the relief. Then the realization of the real danger hit, it was releasing an undetectable gas. 

An evil element was seeping into the air, stripping us of our skin - literally.

Everyone was trying to escape indoors. We ran into a building and pounded on a closed door. Someone opened the door and we had to talk our way in, they were reluctant. It was a “safe zone” and they didn’t want it overcrowded. As we entered, two frantic people came up behind us, I held the door and invited them in. Inside the room was a pool, several people were wading around in it. The pool was medicinal, but was off limits. Only special people were allowed in the water.

The effect of the gas was devastating, peeling deep strips of skin off at the slightest touch, down to exposed muscle tissue. Luckily, the dream didn’t dwell on the horror of it, people were being infected everywhere but I only had to see it up close once. In the room we learned sugar, eating something sweet reversed the effects of the gas. People were healing around us, I saw skin that had regrown, red and raw but the strips were filling in, that’s when I woke up.

Having an apocalyptic dream is a tad bit unsettling, especially when it’s delivered in Technicolor. You can imagine the questions you might have awakening with that scenario, seared in your memory, in minute detail. Not an everyday occurrence, especially for a person who rarely dreams. A taxing call to contemplation. And contemplate I did.

There’s a lesson to be learned from this aberration. The heavy-handed allegory is an unmistakable foreboding of our future if we don’t wise up. Interestingly enough, this dream happened the week before the poisoning of former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia. When the attack happened, the correlation did not escape me. And now we find ourselves in a dangerous chess match with Bashar al-Assad over the use of nerve gas on his own people. An attack that left them foaming at the mouth, suffocating. A hideous way to die, (beyond our differing and contentious rhetoric, think we can all agree on that.)

Unfortunately, in world affairs, the U.S. has lost credibility, the necessity of strong character in our leaders is no longer a requirement. The need to wag the dog is bigger than the call to do what's right. That circles me back to that last column. It was a list created for a student in my Speech & Communications class, a rather vocal and intelligent young man who was an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. He asked me in class one day why I thought Mr. Trump was unfit for office, (an opinion I had shared,) the list was created as an answer to his inquiry. Ran into him at the mall recently, hadn’t seen him since the class, (the election happened during that semester,) after seeing the president in action, his opinion of him had changed a bit. Said he hated to admit it but he was wrong. His parting words were, “Fuck Donald Trump.”  Now, to be clear, I don’t share that harsh condemnation, that would never be my censure. But I still believe and have never changed my view that he has no business being president. Predicted in P&P before the election he would rue the day he ran for office, that outcome seems inevitable. 

Continuing on the circle, let’s head back to the dream. Aliens were allowed to invade our country, the correlation is painfully clear. The mindboggling connections to Russia and the depth of corruption linked to our president and several members of the GOP will be our undoing if we don’t start employing reason. Agendas and power be damned, public servants need to serve the good of our country. The bitterness and division the invasion has fostered is peeling away at the very fabric of our society, civility has been replaced by name-calling and bullying, distrust and bigotry; the subjugation has worked like a charm. All this abetted by our own. We now mistakenly operate on the assumption that unacceptable behavior is an amendment to the Constitution. How easily lead we have been and how very, very foolish.

Just as the tragedy of the dream was clear, the solution was crystal. Heaping helpings of kindness and consideration will bring us back. If you think that’s an innocent view, you’re right. We need to get back to the fundamentals of humanity, we are each other’s keepers. Love and service are the meaning of life. Not greed and selfishness. We need to shine a light on the corruption that’s invaded our landscape and shut it down. Honesty and integrity have to be the breastplate of our war against the deception of power hungry and wealth driven men.

No longer can we allow ourselves to be weak and vulnerable, a country consumed by anger, lying and retaliation. Don’t know about you, but I take my lessons from the Big Man upstairs, the dream was a warning. You can take it as such or not, it’s no skin off my back…or is it? 

April 17, 2018 

What We Know So Far

In addition to this auspicious writing career I have going, I’m also an adjunct professor at a local college.  Got into an interesting political discussion with my Speech & Communications class this week.  The group boasts some very vocal Donald Trump supporters; of which I am not.  If you read my People & Politics column, I know that comes as a (to use a fave Trump word,) huuuuge shock.  One young man challenged me to list the reasons why Trump is unfit to be president, I could rattle off a few but did an inadequate job of relaying the catalogue of crazy.   On my two-hour drive home today, (drive in to teach two days a week; truth be told, I live in my car,) the list got much clearer.  Here you go, Jason.

Call this the, By What Do We Judge a Man’s Character? list

  1. On Nov. 2nd, 370 prominent economists, including eight Nobel Laureates in Economics, signed a letter warning against Donald Trump being president, in their words, a, “dangerous, destructive choice” for the country.
  2. Although he touts his business acumen, he’s had some colossal failures that could have been avoided by a knowledgeable and reputable business man.  Highly recommend the Aug. 2nd article in Newsweek, entitled, Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained.  You can find it on-line.
  3. The secret plan he had to beat ISIS, that only he knew how to do, turned out, he planned on telling the Generals they had 30 days to beat them.  Wow, why didn’t I think of that?  That is also widely documented. 
  4. The number of outrageous lies that have been documented and debunked is mind boggling.  And this from a man who viciously and publically called, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush liars; the list is too long on the Democrat side to share.  Daily Wire’s, April 11th story, Lyin Donald: 101 of Trump’s Greatest Lies, is worth the read.  (And that doesn’t even include what’s been spilled since April.)
  5. 1973 Department of Justice Racial-Bias Case Against Trump, he was forced to stop discriminating against renting to minorities.
  6. 1990, failure to pay the contractors who built his Atlantic City, Taj Mahal Hotel, resulting in them forming a committee of Construction Firms and Suppliers Defrauded by Trump.  Trump negotiated to pay 20 cents on the dollar and they lost millions.  While he continued to spend millions a month on personal extravagances. 
  7. Paid a $200,000 fine in 1991 because he discriminated against blacks and woman at the craps tables of his Trump Plaza Hotel. 
  8. Four bankruptcies; the first included additional bank loans of 65 million to bail out the Taj Mahal, but nine months later he was 4 billion in debt and number one was on the books.  Although a lot of people lost their shirts, Trump came out on top, enough that he did it three more times.  How have we let him convince us that was a good thing?
  9. Three marriages and documented affairs in between.  Told his second wife he wanted a divorce by taking an ad out in the Post.  Left it in front of the entrance to her room.  Real presidential material.
  10. Trump University – need I say more?  Read about it, you’d be pissed too.
  11. Multiple failed products, GoTrump, Trump Mortgage, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Magazine, and the list goes on.
  12. An attempt to import 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000.  Passing over hundreds of American workers to be able pay below minimum wages.
  13. Posing as his own publicist, talking about how woman would, “just call to see if they could go out with him and things.” There’s a tape with a reporter from, People Magazine.  It’s a ridiculous conversation.
  14. The horrendous Access Hollywood recording.
  15. The multiple allegations of sexual misconduct; from some very reputable sources.
  16. Creating the necessity for armed security for the press at his rallies.  His incendiary words put them at risk of harm by his followers.
  17. A U.S. District Court Judge will hear a civil lawsuit on Dec. 16th , (shortly after the election,) alleging both Donald Trump and his good buddy, Jeffery Epstein (convicted in 2008 of underage sex crimes)  raped a 13 year old girl at one of Epstein’s parties.  There are two witnesses who have come forward to testify in the case.
  18. Over 4000 lawsuits, and countless more threats.  He certainly has done his part to foster our litigious society.    

Let’s be honest, this list could go on and on.  The media has been too concerned about reporting the outrageous things Donald Trump has said, they forgot to talk about the actions of his character.  Would have to say, Hillary Clinton has not gotten the same pass.

But the one that takes the cake for me is the last on this particular list:

At the beginning of his campaign, on a Fox News TV show, on a telephone interview, I listened to Donald Trump say the only way to deal with ISIS was to take out their families.  Why, (someone, please answer the question,) did we ever let him get where he is today after that comment.  Listen to the recording, you hear the man say he would engage in war crimes if he was the leader of the free world.  Geneva Convention be damned.  He would kill innocent women and children for the sake of power.  There are some eerie comparisons to Hitler out there, his comments and actions have been frighteningly similar. 

Sorry, Donald Trump is unfit to be President.

Letter to the GrandOldPartians

Dear GOP, there’s a lot of talk going around about the Republican Party needing a make-over.  Can I suggest you start now?  Maybe you should consider putting an end to the era of vendetta politics. Hasn’t really been too fruitful; vindictive, yes, (homerun there,) but fruitful, no. You’re caught in a vortex, listening to the wrong voices; make a break from the dust devils and free yourselves.  Anyone who would announce they will purposely craft years of costly investigations, against a president who hasn't even been elected yet, is bordering on criminal, wouldn’t you say?  What an utterly despicable threat to make.  Afraid we should call a spade, a spade here; you have some very vocal false prophets in the ranks.  Wrapped in finely tailored sheep’s clothing, they behave like ravenous wolves; ready to devour peace and unity, for the sake of power.  In that make-over, they should be the first to go.

They’re of the same breed as the wolves who were behind squandering 80 million dollars of tax-payer money with a ridiculously dragged out Whitewater investigation.  You know, the one that went on forever, even though the insatiable carnivores were told after the first year and 5 million, there was nothing to be found.  Five years and 80 large ones later, zero; big surprise, they found nothing.  But, let’s be honest, they never cared if they found anything, they just wanted to destroy a career or two along the way.  And, obviously, they haven’t stopped yet.  The pack needs to be cleared out.  Believe it or not, there are much more fruitful things we can spend our money and conviction on.   

Can you hear them, spitting out from the tornado?  Mr. Cruz’s salivating resentment is coming out loud and clear; no Supreme Court nominee for the entirety of the upcoming presidency, (that is, if Mrs. Clinton wins.)  Absolutely ludicrous.  As grand-standers go, that even takes the cake from the GOP nominee as one of the more self-centered, egotistical, and power-hungry comments made this election cycle.  The will of the people cannot be ignored.  Forcing that agenda would be the mother of all rigged systems.  Seriously, something needs to be done about these angry, snarling animals.  That’s not what the U.S. is about.  We stand united.  No one is going to spoil that for us, it is the very foundation of our country.

It’s not easy work separating the wheat from the chaff, but it needs to be done.  They are only a few in number, but the wolves masquerading as sheep need rooted out.  Their voices have been allowed to over-shadow the party’s good intentions.  Vulnerable people, who are hurting, are being mislead, the beasts can’t be allowed to feast on them anymore.  Shut them down; vote them out. 

You’re a Grand Old Party, time to live up to the name.  “…you will know them by their fruits.”  Change is hard; but the great thing about a make-over, you always come out feeling and looking so much better.    

I Have Some Questions

The media gets to drive our perception of current events, especially politics, (some have recently made self-comment about it; they admit the choosing of which rabbit hole to follow and follow and follow.)  Not sure they’ve done such a bang-up job, can I get a shot at driving the conversation?   

I have some questions for the candidates.

Mr. Trump, it seems to me you spend an inordinate amount of time avoiding responsibility for your business dealings, while elevating child-like name-calling to a powerful political tool, (shame on us,) could you spend a little more time on intelligent policy discussion?  Although, I guess at this point it would be a little too revealing.  Like the secret policy you promised was going to beat ISIS, only you could do it; kind of an insult to the Generals you’ve just thrown under the bus, isn’t it?  I mean, demanding they come up with a way to beat ISIS in what?  30 days?  That’s your secret policy?  I’m sorry, Mr. Trump but that is one of the most foolish things I’ve heard you say.  As the daughter of an Air Force Col., can only draw the conclusion it comes from an uninformed, preposterously presumptuous person.  Do you think, for a minute, those dedicated men, eminent in their fields, haven’t been using all of their considerable knowledge of war to eradicate the atrocities of ISIS?  What are you thinking?  Okay, one last question; So, is it true the defining moment of your campaign was the comparison to winning an Academy Award when you announced your candidacy at Trump Towers; had no connection to feeling the call to make our country a better place?  Oh, I know your slogan says, Making America Great Again, but guess I’ve seen more about your greatness; you’re gonna get to us soon, right?  With some policies that work, right?  (I lied, there was more than one.)  And finally, do you really consider the comments Mr. Khan made as a vicious attack?   He was asking kind of an important question.  Seems like you were just embarrassed he called you out.  But when people are called horrible names and maligned, they have a right to answer back, that’s how you see it, right?  I mean that’s only fair, isn’t it.  I know being treated fairly is a sticking point for you.  Looking at the history of all your statements against others, especially at your rallies and during the convention, does that right to be treated fairly and answer back only apply to you? 

Okay, moving on.

Mrs. Clinton, in regards to your trustworthiness, I have a few questions.  First, how have you been able to bear under all the foolishness?  From the manipulation of David Hale, to the ridiculously elongated Whitewater investigation (that was orchestrated to manufacture years of doubt,) to the endless email madness, to your current imperiled heath, (have an allergy cough this time every year too, once caused a pnuemonia for me as well, rag weed’s a bitch,) the republicans (assisted by the media) have taken a career of notable accomplishments and reduced it to something nefarious.  They’re no fools, planting all that bad seed, one thing after another, ad nauseum, has made it germinate.  It worked, didn’t it?  How have you, especially considering your command of the law, not jumped ship on public service and made yourself rich instead?  (Making himself rich has certainly been the lifelong goal of your opponent.)  Why have you continued to care about people?  No one would fault you for packing it in.  We have only to look at the record of your efforts on behalf of the American People, most importantly our youngest citizens, for the entirety of your career, and we realize the game they’ve played, for over 25 years, has been the true deception. 

I have to apologize.  Whitewater had an impact on me too.  Vince Foster’s death seemed fishy.  Forgive my foolishness.  That must have been a devastating loss.  Not until reading his sister, Sheila Foster Anthony’s statement in the Washington Post, in response to Mr. Trump’s accusations toward you, did I understand the truth.   Her recounting of his battle with depression was so familiar.  Brought me to another suicide that happened recently, a personal loss that broke me to the core.  What were we thinking?  At the time Mr. Foster died, the average suicide rate was one every 17 seconds.  He was a victim of his own disease, like so many others.  Forgive us for taking away your right to grieve properly, without having accusations hanging over your head about the loss of a dear friend.  That had to amplify the loss exponentially.  I’m so very sorry.     

Unfortunately, your opponents have placed a target on your back; at great expense to tax payers, I might add.  Engaging in years of investigations, costing millions of dollars just to keep doubt in the equation, what an incredible waste of time and money.  If they’re looking for funds, I have a guaranteed tax cut, lay off the Clintons for a change.  This country has real problems we need our time and money spent on.  Stop stealing the money for partisan driven, long and circuitous, dead-end rabbit holes.  

Now I have a question for those on whom the choice rests. 

By comparison, can we look at our candidate’s careers side-by-side?   Nah, never mind, a career is too long, there’s a single example that says it all.  Character laid bare.  Let’s imagine for a moment what the press would do if Mrs. Clinton were to have posed as her own spokeswoman, Joan Miller or Baron, a top official within her organization.  And she was recorded making absurd comments about her attractiveness to men.  From the transcribed phone call of Trump playing John Miller, “Actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him and things.”  Wonder if he realized his lack of command for the English language was as much a give-away as his distinctive voice.  Yet that story came and went.  It was a glaring deception.  I thought perceived deceptions had to stay in the news cycles for months?  Oh, that’s right, that’s just Mrs. Clinton.  My bad.  

Just as the grand collection of magazine cover stories about him (plastering the walls of his office,) portray, the issues aren’t the issues with Trump, (run with the double entendre,) in Trump’s mind, the issue is always, Donald Trump.  Mrs. Clinton isn’t a “personality” trying to dominate the world of publicity.  Her record stands for itself.  If the media spent as much time reporting her accomplishments as vendetta driven, arduously elongated political drivel, she would probably already be president.  She certainly has the street cred.  Ridiculous ratings driven rabbit holes be damned.   

And one final inquiry, who do you think is most qualified to be our Commander-in-Chief?    

Ginsburg's Right: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Time to shift from the blog to an opinion column.  Might as well join the crowd, certainly are enough of them out there; and God help me, I’m a glutton.  As a result of my commentary addiction, have some thoughts of my own to throw into the mix. 

If you look down the road, you can see it coming, Donald Trump has opened a can of rotten worms and he will be his own undoing.  He could have gotten out sooner and retained the sheen, but hubris is the great conqueror; and his downfall the spoils of this battle.

Mr. Trump has exposed himself to the ravenous world of scrutiny.  His whirlwind of  confounding the media has finally been harnessed; they are on to him.  The days of simply reporting his bombast are over.  Instant fact-checking has become the order of the day.  The gig is up.  Clear evidence by the number of smart and seasoned members of the GOP skipping the convention.  They know too.  Hitch your wagon to his star and you will find yourself in a ditch. 

It is widely reported, the number of lies Mr. Trump tells is staggering.  He will basically say whatever he thinks those in front of him want to hear.  With most of his comments aimed at inciting anger.  (Although he devotes an inordinate amount of time exposing his child persona, stomping, “that’s not fair.”)  Oh yes, and there’s the significant time carved out to sue people, or at least slipping into his threat suit.  (A popular choice of clothing for him.)   What is that number I read, over 4000 either initiated by him or against him?  Yeah, I believe that’s it.  The ill will is gonna catch up; and Trump University is only the tip of the iceberg.  Predict the curtain will be pushed back and Mr. Trump will rue the day he forced himself into the spot light.  This is a man who, undoubtedly, has some skeletons in the closet. 

That leads me to Justice Ginsburg.  All I can say is, thank God there was someone smart and gutsy enough to say it out loud, the Emperor has no clothes.  He’s a fake.  Thanks for spreading the word, Justice Ginsburg.  What better person than a member of our Supreme Court, an individual on whom judicial power rests, to open our eyes.  By the very definition of the word, justice is, and has been her job for a great many years.  (Let’s throw some synonyms out there; legal, sensible, wise, smart.)  She is a respected member of the court and has earned that classification.  No doubt she feels it her duty to speak the truth. I, for one, am grateful she did.

Pathetic the number of politicians in the Republican party who are thinking what she’s saying, but don’t have the balls to say it themselves.   Sad commentary on their character.  Or maybe it’s more the depth of their fear.  God forbid they’d lose voters for speaking the truth.  Never fear, those who call him out will be the winners in the long run.  Justice Ginsburg has it right, the only way to stop a playground bully is to stand up to him and call him out.  (If war breaks out, I want to be in her foxhole.)

What’s truly sad is the politicians who aren’t driven by fear but by spite; backing Trump merely to keep Hilary Clinton out of the White House.  Willing to take their gargantuan vendetta against Clinton to the extreme of actually backing Trump.  What it’s done is proven the depths to which they will sink, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be in control.  Ginsburg’s words are fact, Trump is a fake.  Mrs. Clinton is the real deal.  Don’t believe for a minute that has escaped any of them.  Not sure why I would be incredulous about their support for him, they’ve demonstrated their interminable folly before.  After spending a year and six million dollars on the independent council, (appointed by Janet Reno,) to prosecute the Clintons for Whitewater, the investigation found nothing to prosecute, making clear any further investigation would be pointless.  But the attack dogs of the GOP refused to accept that wisdom and proceeded to spend over 70 million for the next four years only for Ken Starr to come up empty.  As he was told he would.  There was nothing to prosecute.  Let me repeat that, with both investigations, over 80 million dollars of taxpayer money was squandered to malign the Clintons.  And this is the party that struts indignant about the national debt?  But no wonder they keep at the absurd, it works.  Although the Clintons didn’t break the law with their $203,000 land deal, the Republicans behind the extended and pointless investigation made the Clintons seem guilty, even though they weren’t. 

People I respect, accomplished people make reference to Whitewater as proof of the Clinton’s dishonesty.  Hate to burst their angry bubble, there was none.  These were intelligent lawyers and investigators, they did everything but stand on their heads to find fault.  Spent five years investigating, only to turn up empty.  It was a witch hunt, plain and simple.  I resent part of my hard-earned money being used for nothing more than a slander campaign.  When do our politicians get about the work of serving our country?  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to grasp the concept of public service, theirs is a mission of self-serving.   

Well, congratulations Grand Old Party, you have a new leader.  He’s planning on making his grand entrance at the convention in style.  Bragging that he’s bedecked in only the finest of intentions, expecting to be adored.  But a small voice has been heard and the word is spreading throughout the crowd, the man is naked; wearing only the crown of his selfish ambition.   

Wag the Dog Part II: the Antidote

Thought I was going to move on for this column, shift to Hillary & Bernie (politics makes us all so familiar; although you never hear, Donald, not without the label, "The" - he is, Trump.  What an irony.)  Anyway, although I thought I was ready to move on to the Democrats, I have to continue commenting, (join the crowd,) on D.trump.  Hence, Wag the Dog Part II; the Antidote.                             Strictly an opinion piece.

 Who would have predicted this election cycle would spin so far out of control.  The rules have gone out the window.  It’s become a virus, a contagion that’s infecting us all.  And the deadly disease is being spread by D.trump.  In my last commentary I gave this mad malady manufacturer entirely too much credit, thinking he was playing us, setting us up for the move of the millennium; surmising this was a wild wag the dog and he would pass the scepter at the height of his popularity.  That he would realize he didn’t exactly have the temperament or the skin width for the job and only wanted the popularity and respect of the run.  That his name would forever be esteemed as the king-maker.  But I was wrong, he’s not that savvy.

 It would have made a helluva story.  And the media would have deserved an Academy Award for their supporting roll.  They’ve bitten into every artificial lead, all of which have been masterfully executed by D.trump and team.  Product placement by the playground bully, Lewandowski, that rivaled E.T’s Reese’s Pieces.  Announcements and skirmishes that just happened to derail reports of horrendous debate performances. Reporting that skirted the real news about D.trump, and instead catapulted him into a contrived lead.   Until now, (and maybe still,) news outlets all but guaranteed the Republican Convention would be the most watched political event in history.  And it wouldn’t just be an American stage, we’re talking global theater. 

The move would have been to endorse at the zenith; to take that podium in an expected acceptance of the nomination and, in that moment of being the epicenter of world attention, anoint the chosen.  His apprentice.  Be the humble savior of the Republican Party by nominating a candidate who would put an end to the division. A man who would have experience and be liked; a leader who would be good for the country and, by D.trump’s endorsement and the fervor it would cause, clobber Hillary.  Kasich was the obvious and feasible choice.   

But that little fiction was constructed before D.trump started believing in his invincible viability.  Before his ego started that ugly cell mutation.  Oh, it was always big and bombastic, but then it turned black; and now, he’s gone too far. 

The fortress is crumbling.  It’s taken a while but the media has realized the hazard and they’re quarantining the world from all but the truth of the poison.  Btw, bravo to the Washington Post, they’ve offered the antidote; all anyone has to do is read the transcript of their hour long interview with D.trump and the jig is up.  The truth will set us free, make us immune to the fatal farce.  (I tried to post the link but it’s locked.  It’s easy to find.  Please do.)

 The foolish belief that D.trump could continue to say anything and people would blindly follow him was a fatal mistake.  There are too many demographics in this race, after alienating so many, his angry base won’t be able to keep up.  No matter how divided we are, a cruel, bigoted and presumptious politician, who promotes war crimes, isn't the majority's ideal of a public servant.  I would have thought he was smarter than that.  But that’s the point, isn’t it; he isn’t. 

We need to spread that antidote; the truth will set us free.    

Wag the Dog: Trump Doesn’t Want the Job

Donald Trump doesn't want to be president.  Ask yourself, why would a man of his obvious attachment to the lifestyle, luxury and cushy comfort of the elite ever want the daunting, demanding and exhausting responsibility of the office of the president; he doesn’t.  Like all politicians, he has an agenda, but it doesn’t include pouring over lengthy bills and crafting legendary legislation.  This election show, not unlike, The Apprentice, is serving to broaden his reach and secure his statue.  Trump has arguably become one of the most well known personalities in the world.  Who needs to be The President when you can be The Donald? 

What Mr. Trump wants, he’s already achieved; to be right.  His inexplicable popularity has fashioned him an advisor to the world, or, at the very least, to the leaders of our country.  His opinions and ideas now matter; just ask his followers.  The votes the Republican Party is salivating over.  Or are they?  This wildly successful and completely capricious run, smells distinctly of a colossal wag the dog.  Again, why would he trade his enviable freedom for a big white prison full of headaches?  No, it’s not an inauguration he’s looking for, it’s a coronation; and he will hand-pick his successor.  You can add kingmaker to his platform.

When the time is right, Donald Trump will pass the baton to the candidate he deems worthy.  Again, the Republican field is a veritable kennel of Pavlovian pups.  His extraordinary efforts will almost assuredly put a Republican in the White House, and they know it.  The question then becomes, who?  Originally, there seemed to be some back-door deals with Ted Cruz, but the romance appears to be fading.  Thankfully.  I believe he would wrap the office up with a big White House bow, if he taps John Kasich.  I’m not a Republican, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but if I was, he’s the obvious choice.  By their efforts at his announcement, it would seem Fox News agrees.  They may be extreme at Fox, but they’re not stupid.  The only really viable candidate, in light of experience, achievement and temperament, is Governor Kasich.  A dark horse with an admirable record; a novelty in the current circus that makes up the dwindling list of Republican candidates.  If my perdiction is correct, The Donald will have an open invitation to the White House; whenever he damn well pleases.  

Nice run, Mr. Trump, you win.    



19.04.2018 18:33


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