SKIN, the screenplay, was born of Peter Himmelman's masterpiece concept album by the same name. (1994 Epic Records)

A coming-of-age story, laced around fourteen timeless songs, the enduring impact of SKIN is undeniable.

High school student, Shelby Sherman, gets the CD as a gift from her father at the beginning of her senior year. A writer and music critic, her obsession with the album, that mysteriously mirrors her tumultuous final year, frames this compelling coming-of-age story.  

Human frailty and weaknesses exposed, SKIN is a story of love, trust and the ultimate betrayal. Equal parts heart warming and wrenching, the marriage of the music to this timely story is transformative.

Although the screenplay veers from Himmelman’s original concept, it’s universal appeal is clear, it’s never too late to be born.

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