Alternate Route

The screenplay, Alternate Route, is an autism story on a road untraveled. Jacob Collier, a non-verbal, severely autistic seven year old, reveals his true nature to his therapist, Dr. Emma Hensley. Jacob is a telepath with the ability to heal. Presenting himself to Emma in the middle of the night, his apparition is impossible to believe, but their subsequent meeting in her office the next day confirms the miracle.

On his instructions, Dr. Hensley shares the phenomenon with Jacob’s mother, Dawn. Her intuition about her son is verified in the revelation. Overjoyed, she shares the news with her husband, David, and meets with vehement opposition. David Collier believes Emma Hensley is exploiting his hopelessly handicapped child, and he intends to ruin her career.

The road they travel together paves a path no one could foresee, a passage to the impossible.


An excerpt from Alternate Route

In this scene Emma has just finished documenting his blog thoughts and questions him about his work and life.

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